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Foxtail Fern In A Garden

Is the Foxtail Fern Poisonous to Humans?

Foxtail ferns are an attractive and popular houseplant for many. Named after the animal, these plants have fragile branches that resemble the tails of foxes. However, before bringing any plant home or to your workspace, it is essential to understand…

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Person Holding A Handful Of Water Beads

Are Water Beads Toxic? (Orbeez)

Even though the polymers used to create water beads are non-toxic, they can absorb liquid  and expand in the intestinal tract after someone swallows them. This can cause severe and sometimes life-threatening intestinal blockage due to the size of the…

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Natural Gas Stoves

Do Gas Stoves Release Toxic Chemicals?

Harvard researchers conducted a milestone study to analyze the characteristics of unburned natural gas collected from indoor residential kitchen stovetops. Numerous compounds were identified of which 21 were known hazardous air pollutants. The most notable substances are benzene, hexane, and…

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