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Is it safe to take expired medications?

“Should I take expired medications?” Although this question may sound simple, the answer is a bit complicated. It all begins with safety. The mandated expiration date traces back to a law passed in 1979 requiring drug manufacturers to provide a specific date on their medications to guarantee potency and safety of the product up to that date.
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Pre Workout Supplements

For many people, a new work-out routine also involves using pre-workout supplements to “boost” the exercise session. These supplements are advertised to increase energy, motivation, performance and strength in hopes to reduce body fat and promote muscle growth.
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Which side effects are most often searched on Google?

You know that moment when you start typing in the Google search bar and it automatically completes what you were thinking? A feature liked by some, but bothers others. Here at the Missouri Poison Center, we put Google to the test to find out the most common drug-related questions that people are searching.
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Flood Precautions

It has been a wet spring for Missouri with lots of rain causing flooding across the entire state. Rivers have risen to near record levels, causing damage to homes, road closures, and increased exposure to pests such as gnats, mosquitoes, and snakes.
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