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Exposed to Black Mold? Signs & Symptoms

You found something that looks like it could be black mold, but how can you tell, and what do you do? There is a common belief that black mold is highly toxic and causes health problems. Find out more about black mold and if you and your family are at risk.

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Cut Out News Clip Articles With Titles Of Ivermectin Poisoning.

Rising Ivermectin Poisonings Across the US

Before vaccines were available, researchers were looking into finding ways to combat COVID-19 and did a study on ivermectin. These ivermectin COVID studies were not done on humans and did not prove ivermectin is an effective way to treat or prevent COVID-19. Yet, poison centers have had an increase in …

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POISON ALERT: Sulfonylurea Overdose Treatment

Often included in “One Pill Can Kill” lists, sulfonylureas (SU) have the potential for significant toxicity in overdose. These medications were the first orally-active agents to treat Type 2 Diabetes, approved in the late 1950s, but now represent only one class among many newer antidiabetic agents and combination products.
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Disc Batteries

Are you aware that the disc batteries which power so many household products pose a risk for serious symptoms? Most often when a disc (or button) battery is swallowed, it passes into the stomach, moves all the way through the system, and will come out in the stool within about 4-7 days. The risk for significant injury happens when ...
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What to Do If My Child Consumes Cannabis

If your child consumes enough marijuana edibles or other cannabis products, they can experience severe symptoms. These symptoms can range from anxiety, panic, dizziness, slurred speech, poor coordination, and coma. Children may need to be taken to the emergency department to receive oxygen and or IV fluids to help them …

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