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Prevent Childhood Poisoning

Children act fast . . . so do poisons!

Keep Little Ones Safe With These Tips:

  • Remember: there is no such thing as CHILD-PROOF. Lock all medicines and household products out of the sight and reach of children… even when using childresistant packaging.
  • Use child-resistant containers whenever possible.
  • Take your own medicine where children can’t watch. They learn by imitating you.
  • Don’t call medicine “candy.”
  • Read the label on all medicines and products. Follow the instructions exactly.
  • Use the measuring devices that come with medicines. Don’t guess – be sure! Household spoons are not accurate at measuring liquid medicines.
  • Teach children to ask before touching or tasting anything they find on their own.
  • Don’t give over-the-counter cough and cold medicines to children younger than 4 without a doctor’s approval.
  • Keep the poison center number near every phone and program the poison center phone number (1-800-222-1222) in every cell phone. Call anytime of the day or night if you have a question or need help. Specially trained nurses and pharmacists will tell you exactly what to do.
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