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Spring Cleaning

The Missouri Poison Center is celebrating the 50th anniversary of NPPW this year, March 18 – 24, 2012.  Every year, the third week of March is designated to highlight the dangers of poisoning and the importance of poison prevention.  We invite you to join us in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Poison Prevention Week by spring cleaning your home and making it poison safe for your children, pets and family.

Spring Clean and Brush-Up on These Tips

  • Store all dangerous household products and chemicals out of reach and out of sight of small children and pets.
  • Store all potential poisons in their original containers.
  • Never store potential poisons in containers used for eating and drinking. (For example: Do not mix up a pesticide or weed killer and then store it in a water bottle or milk jug.)
  • Leave the original labels on all products.
  • Lock up medicines.
  • Use child resistant caps/closures.
  • Always read the label before using and follow the instructions on medicines, cleaners, pesticides, automotive, lawn and garden products for their proper use.
  • Never refer to medicine as candy to a young child.
  • Avoid taking medicine in front of small children. (They like to imitate you.)
  • Turn on a light when taking or giving medication.
  • When you are using household chemical products and medicines, never let them out of your sight, even if you must take them along when answering the door or phone.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet periodically and properly dispose of old and unused medicines.
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms in your home.
  • Know the names of plants located in and around the home.

It’s March, the snakes will be waking up soon!! First Aid for Poisonous Snake Bites

  • Remain calm.
  • Do not try to capture the snake.
  • Note time of the bite and remove all tight clothing or jewelry which may delay or hide swelling.
  • Call the poison center immediately at 1-800-222-1222 for instructions on all snake bites.
  • Elevate limb 4-6 inches above heart. If bite is on foot, this means laying down.
  • Wash the bite area with soap and water.
  • DO NOT use ice or a tourniquet.
  • DO NOT cut over the fang marks and try to suck out the venom.
  • Transport the patient to the closest hospital.

The Missouri Poison Center is available 24-7-365 to help answer any questions that you may have, just call 1-800-222-1222.  A call to the poison center is free and confidential.

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