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DrugFacts Label

Over-The-Counter Medicine Safety Understanding the Label

Drug Facts help you understand the medicines that you take and how to take them safely. All medicines should be taken with the direct supervision of a parent or trusted adult.

Active Ingredients

The ingredients in the medicine that make it work.


Safety information, including side effects, the questions you should ask a doctor before taking the medicine, and which medicines to avoid using at the same time.

Other Information

How to store the medicine.


Describes the symptoms that the medicine treats.


Indicates the amount or dose of medicine to take, how often to take it, and how much you can take in one day.

Inactive Ingredients

Ingredients not intended to treat your symptoms (e.g., preservatives, flavorings).

Questions or Comments?

Call the company if you have questions about a specific medicine.

Measure it Correctly

To get an exact measurement, it is important to only use the dosing device that is provided with the medicine. The Drug Facts label tells you how much medicine you should take based on your weight and/or age.

Ask for Help

Always talk with a parent or trusted adult to learn more about the responsible use of all medicines. Other resources include doctors, nurses, and pharmacists as well as your local poison center.

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