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Beware: Halloween face paint allergies & glow stick irritants

Halloween Face Paint Allergies and Glow Stick Irritants

Halloween Face Paint Allergies & Glow Stick Irritants

Before you start those Halloween festivities, know these to better protect your family.

    • Glow stick liquid is an irritant

“This was about 20-25 percent of our calls last Halloween. Starting at 4 p.m. until midnight, we were getting calls about children playing with their glow sticks or the little ones chewing on them. What happens is it breaks open and the chemical in these is a strong irritant. It makes the eyes red. We need to get them rinsed out right away,” said Julie Weber, Missouri Poison Center, Director.

    • Test face paint for allergies before Halloween night

“A lot of children are sensitive even to the non-toxic products. You need to test patch a small area the night before you are out. Don’t paint their face and send them out because they can break out in a rash or hive and cause irritation. Put a small patch on the skin … On the wrist or on the top of the forearm. Leave it on for 30 minutes and see how it did. You should know pretty quickly if they’re going to have a reaction,” said Weber.

Just because the face paint label says non-toxic doesn’t make it okay for your child. Look for labels with the phrase safety-tested.

    • Dry ice is cool, but don’t touch it

“We really worry about dry ice in the beverage because it can get in the mouth and cause a burn. It can burn the throat all the way to the stomach,” said Weber.

When you call the Missouri Poison Center you’ll talk to a registered nurse or pharmacist who’s trained to provide treatment advice. You’ll get instructions within 30 seconds. Which is usually faster and safer than doing a google search.

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