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Tips about Insect Repellants

  • Adults should apply insect repellant to children. Never spray the product directly onto the face. Spray some in your hands and spread it onto their faces, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Wash hands after use.
  • Read the product label BEFORE use and follow the directions.
  • Do not spray the skin under your clothing and if a sunscreen is being used it should be applied 20 min prior to the insect repellant.
  • Repellents should contain no more than 30% DEET when used on children.
  • Do not use on babies under 2 months of age. Dress them in clothing that covers the arms and legs. Cribs or strollers should be covered with mosquito netting.
  • Do not apply insect repellant over cuts, wounds, rashes or irritated skin.
  • Do not apply to children’s hands, since they may put their hands in their mouths
  • Do not use insect repellant spray indoors. Use in an open area to limit how much of the spray is inhaled.
  • Take a bath or shower using soap & water after use. Launder clothing before it is worn again.
  • Re-apply as needed according to the directions on the label. A good rule of thumb is that a DEET 10% product provides about 2 hours of protection.
  • Consider purchasing clothing that is treated with permethrin or treat clothing and gear yourself with an appropriate permethrin product. The treated clothing remains protective against bites after multiple washings, see product label for specific information. Follow the product directions, do not use permethrin products intended for use on clothing directly on the skin.
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