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Each season brings its own unique joy to the state of Missouri. From the fresh gardens that begin to bloom in the spring to the sparkle and shine of holiday decorations, the turning of the seasons are a favorite for many Missouri residents. However, each season can offer its own poison exposures as well. The Missouri Poison Center receives calls from the accidental ingestion of plant fertilizer while those gardens are being planted to a nibble on a poinsettia plant during the holidays. In the summer, an accidental squirt of bug spray in the eye can be a cause for concern. Fall in Missouri can bring hazard both indoors and out, from toxic berries to antifreeze. During the winter months, as temperatures drop we often answer calls about carbon monoxide due to faulty furnaces. Poison prevention knows no season, and we are always available to take your calls.  An ounce of prevention is the best practice when it comes to some of the products found during our favorite season. No matter what time of year, the Missouri Poison Center is available 24 hours a day; seven days a week to offer assistance. Simply call 1-800-222-1222 and a medical expert will be there with fast, free, and confidential advice.  Don’t let some of these common hazards ruin your season.

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