Family Resources

The Missouri Poison Center receives a call every 7 minutes – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Let us teach you how to keep your family poison safe.

Kids’ Zone

Tools and games that make learning about poison safety fun for kids!

Poison Proofing Your Home

Tips to improve poison safety in your home.

Seasonal Tips

seasons-158601_640The types of poisons we come in contact with can change with the seasons. Click on each season to read about the differences.


When the temperature drops there is more to be concerned about than colds and the flu. There are some everyday chemicals in use in the winter that can pose a risk if they are swallowed, especially to children and pets.


As you begin spring cleaning and work on the yard, remember these tips to keep your family safe.


As you and your family enjoy more fun in the sun, be aware of some of the poison hazards outdoors and how to protect yourself from possible exposures.

Autumn and School

Kids are back in school. Cold and flu season is here. Holidays are just around the corner. Here are some tips to help you prevent poisonings during this busy time of year.


snow-man-1872164_1280There are a lot of distractions around the holidays and kids tend to get into new things that are only out during this time of year.


Here are some simple precautions adults can take to help avoid poisonous exposures and ensure that children have a safe holiday.


Follow these simple food safety precautions to prevent food poisoning and ensure a delicious and safe meal for your family.

Winter Holidays

As you deck the halls, keep in mind these tips to keep everyone safe this holiday season.

Prevention for All Ages

Poisoning is not just for small children, it can happen at any age. Check out our helpful resources for each phase of life below.

Prevent Childhood Poisoning

Children act fact and so do poisons. Keep little ones safe with these tips.

Babysitters Guide

Babysitting is a wonderful job and requires a lot of preparation. Here are some tips to keep the children you are babysitting poison-safe.

Prevent Teen Poisoning

Being a teen brings new challenges but these tips can help keep them safe and healthy.

Prevent Adult Poisoning

Adults can get poisoned, too. Most poisoning deaths happen to adults, not to children. These tips will protect you and your loved ones.

Poison Prevention for Grandparents and Senior Adults

Senior adults call the poison center about themselves and their grandchildren. It can be hard to keep all of their medications straight, so check out these helpful tips.


View these 30-second videos to teach you and your family how to recognize and handle common poisoning situations around the home. Click on each picture to start each video.