KY Jelly (Lubricants)

Julie Weber Is This A Poison

Toxicity:  None or minimally toxic.

Expected symptoms:  None or minimal symptoms with a possible risk for soft or loose stools.

What to do:  Wipe out mouth, give your child a drink of water to wash the KY Jelly down to the stomach.

Quick Facts about KY Jelly:

KY Jelly is a personal lubricant and is also used in medical settings as a surgical lubricant.  It is water based and considered non-toxic.  Accidental ingestion of KY Jelly usually doesn’t cause symptoms.  If a large amount is swallowed, there can be a laxative effect as it passes through the system resulting in a loose stool.

If you find your child ingesting KY jelly or similar lubricant, do not panic. Take it away from them, wipe out the mouth with a soft, wet cloth and give them some water to drink. If problems start or you have questions, call the Missouri Poison Center right away at 1-800-222-1222. The poison center is open all day, every day for poisoning emergencies and questions.

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