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What will they ask me?

  • Patient’s name – this is done to create a confidential medical record of the case.
  • Telephone number of you, the caller – this is done to allow the poison center to follow up by telephone to make sure the patient is okay or if the line gets disconnected, we need to be able to call back.
  • Age and weight of patient – many substances and poisons affect children differently than adults. This information helps so we can do calculations and evaluate your specific exposure.
  • Name of the substance or product – having the exact brand name and/or label information is important. We may ask you to read parts of the label and ingredient information to help us determine the product involved.
  • Amount of the substance missing – to help determine the risks.
  • Route of the exposure: Was the product swallowed?  Inhaled?  Did it get on the skin or in the eyes?
  • Time of the exposure.
  • Current symptoms the patient is experiencing.
  • Patient’s current medication and medical history – if any.
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