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Older children are building independence and problem solving skills in their daily lives, but this learning is still growing. These lessons are designed to teach growing students about poisons in their home, look-alike poisons, and how to stay safe from possible poisons.

Lesson Plans

Poisons in the Home

Many students do not think that they have poisonous items in their home. This lesson will teach students what types of things are poisonous and how to keep themselves and others safe.

Beware of Look-Alikes

Can you tell the difference between a safe or possible poisonous item? This lesson will teach students to watch out for poison look-alikes.

Read That Label

Labels on medications and other cleaning and household products often have confusing directions. If used in the wrong way they might be dangerous. This lesson teaches how to look for key words on labels to make sure these products are used safely.


Activity Sheets

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Look-Alike Quiz

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Safe or Poison?

Kids' Game: Look-A-LikePlay Now!