Education is key to prevention. The Missouri Poison Center welcomes teachers, child care providers, scout leaders, EMS providers and other community educators to use these free downloadable resources to teach about poison safety.


Young children are curious by nature and their budding imagination is in over-drive! These lesson plans are geared to interactively teach preschool students about poison prevention.

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Elementary Students

Curious minds can be a fantastic thing, especially in young students. But curiosity can also be dangerous if not pointed in the right direction. These lesson plans are geared to teach students how to identify potentially poisonous items and how to avoid them.

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Teens & Tweens

While many teens and tweens are bombarded with information on a daily basis, filtering fact from fiction can be a daunting tasks for young minds. These lesson plans are geared to help highlight common issues and concerns for teens.

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Older Adults

Poison centers aren’t just for parents whose children get into the cleaning cabinet. Adults, too, can use a poison center if a wrong medicine has been taken or the right medicine in the wrong dose.

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