Education is key to prevention. The Missouri Poison Center welcomes teachers, child care providers, scout leaders, EMS providers and other community educators to use these free downloadable resources to teach about poison safety.



The Quills Up! Program is about a porcupine who teaches children not to touch, taste, or smell anything dangerous or unfamiliar. It is complete with a music and story-telling video, teacher resource guide, and send-home parent information. The video is available here. Learn more about our Preschool and Daycare program here.

Available for instant download:

Spike’s Poison Prevention Adventure Teacher’s Guide
Spike’s Poison Prevention Adventure Brochure for Parents
Spike the Puppet in Black and White (great for coloring!)

Lesson Plans for Pre-K

Elementary Students


This lesson plan teaches that POISON is anything that can make you sick or hurt you if you eat, drink, touch, or smell it. Sometimes it’s tricky to teach that poisons are not just pesticides, arsenic, or products with the skull and cross-bones on the container. With objectives listed, these lesson plans help teach that poisons are more often regular everyday products that happen to be used in the wrong way or in the wrong amounts. Learning how to stay safe from poisons is a common theme throughout the lessons.

K-2nd Grade

3rd-4th Grade

Lesson Plans for K-2Lesson Plans for 3-4

Tweens & Teens


Being a teen brings new challenges. Turning to alcohol, drugs or inhalants to relieve stress can be a deadly mistake. Teach tweens and teens that the Poison Help number isn’t just for emergencies. If they have questions or concerns, feel free to call to talk to an expert and no one will judge or scold. Times are tough and teen years are tougher. Things happen. Get prepared. Stay informed. Live poison-free. The “OTC Medicine Safety” program aims to teach students about real-life skills and the safe use of over-the-counter (OTC) medicine. Students are entering a time in their lives when they will be more responsible for their own self-care including making decisions about medicines.

Teens and Inhalants

Tweens OTC Medicine Safety Program

Inhalants Not a Fad – A Deadly Fact

Lesson Plans for Teens & Tweens

Senior Citizens


Poison centers aren’t just for parents whose children get into the cleaning cabinet. Adults, too, can use a poison center if a wrong medicine has been taken or the right medicine in the wrong dose. This TYMS program is for anyone interested in delivering an education program for older adults about the safe use of medicines. It covers potential problems of taking prescription medicines with over-the-counter products, ways to keep track of medicines, and questions older adults should ask about their medicine.

Taking Your Medicines Safely Program

Lesson Plan for Older Adults

Health Fairs


This guide is to be used by educators, staff, students, and volunteers who are participating in a health fair and events which focus on prevention and healthy living. Included are messages to teach about poison prevention and information about the free and confidential services provided by the Poison Help line (1-800-222-1222) and the Missouri Poison Center. Materials can also be ordered to distribute to attendees.

Health Fair Guide