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What to do if Your Child Takes Edible Marijuana by Mistake

Marijuana, sometimes called weed, pot, or cannabis, is used both medicinally and recreationally. The marijuana plant has almost 100 cannabinoid compounds but THC is the most common and causes the feeling of being “high”. Now that some states have legalized marijuana for medical or for recreational purposes, the drug is becoming widely available. This can cause a problem if young children accidentally ingest it.

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Unfortunately, many of the calls we receive to the poison center involve drugs, both recreational and illicitly used prescription medication. In many cases, for both accidental and intentional overdoses, time is of the essence. The Missouri Poison Center’s mission is to provide fast, confidential, and free care to all. Our goal is to save lives. In the case of emergency, the Missouri Poison Center may recommend 911 to enlist emergency transport to an area hospital. Missouri Poison Center also coordinates with hospital personnel and medical professionals to help assist on many cases in the state. From recreational drugs like Molly and meth, to issues stemming from exposure to e-cigs and bath salts, Missouri Poison Center is just a phone call away. 

Often times, it is not only one drug that will lead to an emergency situation. The Missouri Poison Center receives many calls that involve potentially harmful drug interactions. For a list of some of the more common deadly and illegal drugs, feel free to review the articles below. As always, if you are concerned about a potential poisoning, due to recreational drugs or otherwise, please contact the Missouri Poison Center at (800)222-1222