Twistadmin Is This A Poison

Toxicity: None or minimally toxic.

Expected symptoms:  Possible upset stomach and limited vomiting.

What to do: Give your child a drink of water to wash the bubbles down into the stomach and a small snack to reduce the irritation.

Note: If your child has gotten bubbles into their eyes, call the Missouri Poison Center now for help on how to rinse the eyes.

Sometimes when kids are playing with bubbles, they suck them into their mouth instead of blowing them out or they put the wand in their mouth, thinking it is a lollipop. Other times, children tip the bottle into their mouth and take a sip. Once a child tastes the bubbles, they often make a yucky face and spit them out.

Bubbles are made of soap and water, similar to the soap you use to wash your hands or dishes. These detergents are mild and cause no to minimal symptoms after a small ingestion by a child.

If your child has gotten bubbles in their mouth, do not panic. Take the bubbles away from your child, wash off their hands and face, and have them take a drink of water. Swallowing small amounts of bubbles may cause minor stomach upset and there is a possibility of limited vomiting or loose stools.

If bubbles get into the eye, call the Missouri Poison Center now for help on how to rinse the eyes. If problems start or you have questions, call right away at 1-800-222-1222. The poison center is open all day, every day for poisoning emergencies and questions, too.

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