Barbara – helped me yesterday and was the nicest person on earth and even called me back to check on my child. I was very scared yesterday. Barbara was very comforting and gave me such wonderful information and was open and honest. She was concerned and interested in my case.

Gina H., St. Louis

I’ m calling to compliment Rachel. My son is autistic and I’ve had to call your hot line a couple times. He gets into things real quick and he’s just real interested and is a busy little boy. He grabs things so fast and I thought he ate one of those little silica packages. My nurse did an excellent job and she was fantastic. I love this hotline. I thank God every day for it. You guys are wonderful. We really appreciate you.

A.E., Earth City

I thought my daughter ate a mushroom. Rosanna was absolutely wonderful and very reassuring and gave me lots of things to watch for and then she called back to check on my child, and then Rachel called me back in the evening, and Rosanna gave me another call back this morning. Huge raves and kudos for your program. Amazingly great service. You guys are wonderful!

Kelly C., St. Louis

I inadvertently took the wrong amount of my medicine. I was in the bathroom; it was my best friend calling you to find out what to do. Kathy and Sue were absolutely fabulous in following-up with me calling me every hour up until 2:30 this morning making sure I was all right and giving suggestions on what to do. Those two nurses and pharmacist that I talked to throughout the night were absolutely wonderful. I want to say thank you very much for being there and showing so much concern. I wanted to say thank you, good job, well done.

Patty G., St. Louis

I called in regards to my fiancé about a possible poisoning – everything turned out ok. Rosanna is the one I spoke with. I want that woman to be recognized for truly caring about others and doing her job to the best of her ability. God Bless her heart, she is such a sweetheart she really cared and kept calling to make sure my fiancé was ok. I think she should be recognized for that, and I recognize her for that and I don’t even know her. Thank you for this service – it is very useful for me and my fiancé and we appreciate you.

Nick O. St. Louis, MO

I appreciate everything – for you talking to me and helping me out and I hope I don’t need to call anymore, but I appreciate your kindness and concern.

Vicky G., Joplin

I accidentally took an extra blood pressure pill this morning and I was concerned that I might have a problem and I called. Barbara took care of me this morning. She was so helpful and made me feel so comfortable that everything was going to be all right and I just appreciate her so much.

Jackie M., Climax Springs

I spoke to someone at the center who helped me out with some information and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this service and being able to call someone. The internet is no substitute for people like you who staff lines like this and are able to answer questions. I just want to tell you and Jan thank you.

Mark W., Kansas City

I’ve talked to Shelly and I want to compliment you on the quality of person that lady is. I’m 88 years old – she was very tolerant with me and I just couldn’t believe her kindness and her caring. She asked permission to talk to me and it is rare that you get to talk to public people any more – very fortunate.

William B., Moberly

I was afraid I had gotten into this herbicide product. I was nervous and the lady I talked to was very polite and was very knowledgeable and put me at ease. I wanted to make sure somebody knows she’s doing a good job and I appreciate it.

Sue R., CT